cropped-cropped-JASICO11.png PREAMBLE :

We the S.R.C. realizing the need to ensure co-operation, taking cognizance of the fact that problems of students need to be solved through peaceful means, wishing to bridge the gap between students and authorities, do hereby adopt this constitution as a guide for students, which shall inculcate and instill discipline and development and ensure the protection of the right of all.

cropped-cropped-JASICO11.png NAME

This body shall be known as the Students’ Representative Council of Jasikan College of Education hereafter referred to as the SRC. (JASICO S.R.C.).


cropped-cropped-JASICO11.png Function of SRC

The SRC shall be responsible for representing students duly admitted and registered to study in the College. The SRC shall be the official mouthpiece of all students and participates actively in the administration of the College through their representatives on various committees including Library, Disciplinary, Health, Academic Board and Chaplaincy.  Among other things, the SRC

  • shall be the highest decision making body of the student level administration;

  • shall formulate policies of the student level administration;

  • shall issue communiqués on issues of serious concern.


Aims and Responsibilities of SRC

cropped-cropped-JASICO11.pngThe aim of the SRC shall be;

  • To bring students in all year groups together for the purpose of effective student level administration.

  • To promote good student-student relationship

  • To promote good Tutor-Student relationship

  • To promote high academic standards (Study Culture) in students.

  • To suggest ways and means of improving upon the College level administration

  • To hold frequent meetings to know the problems of students and find solutions to them

  • (means of solving them)

  • To help identify pertinent issues in the college which can cause misunderstanding between students and College administration, and to recommend desirable/amicable means or ways of Curtailing such problems.

  • To undertake yearly projects for the development of the college.

The SRC shall be responsible for;

  • Promoting the general welfare and interest of students,

  • Presenting the views of students of the College to appropriate body or bodies depending on the nature of the issue,

  • Establishing links and maintaining cordial relationships with students of other Colleges of Education, Universities and voluntary organisations in the country,

  • Nominating student representatives to serve on appropriate College Committees

  • Promoting cordial relationship among ALL sections of the College community and maintaining good relationship with past students of the College.


The constitution of the council shall be the supreme law governing all the affairs of the student-level administration. It renders null and voids any act or enactment which is contrary to the provisions of the constitution.


The structure of the SRC shall consist of:

  • Executive Council

  • General Assembly

  • The Constitutional Council

  • The Council of Elders


A:  Executive Council:

The executive council shall comprise;

  • The President

  • The Vice President

  • The Welfare officer

  • The General Secretary

  • The Organising Secretary

  • The College Dining Hall prefect

  • The S.R.C. Chief Whip

  • Two (2) Representatives from Level 100(One from each Program Early Childhood and General Program). The class representatives to the SRC;

    1. shall be responsible for all S.R.C. affairs in their various classrooms;

    2. shall seek the views and grievances of their various classes


A:1 Functions of the Executive Council

The functions of the Executive Council shall include but not limited to;

  • serve as an advisor body to individual members of the SRC,

  • shall assist in the implementation of policies that affect students in the College

  • take decisions on behalf of all students

  • It shall implement decisions and policies of the Council.


B:  General Assembly:

The general shall comprise

  • The Executives

  • Class Captains, Class Secretary and a member nominated by the class

  • Hall representatives (Hall President, Hall Welfare, Hall Secretary)

  • All other college prefects

  • The members of the General Assembly shall be elected or nominated prefects as prescribed by the College.

  • At meetings of the General Assembly, the president, any five executive officers and one (1) member from at least six (6) classes, two (2) hall presidents represented at the General Assembly shall form a

  • All decisions of the General Assembly shall be by simple majority of members present and in writing at a An emergency meeting of the General Assembly may be called by the president or at the request of at least six (6) executives and or six (6) class representatives in writing to the General Assembly.

  • The president shall be obliged to comply with such a request, provided that the request is made in writing stating the agenda, date, and venue and shall reach the SRC Secretariat at least three (3) working days before the fixed date for the proposed

  • The General Assembly may appoint or form an adhoc committee, as it deems fit for the efficient running of the SRC. Membership of such committees need not be restricted by the General Assembly.

  • There shall be at least (2) General Assembly meetings in a semeste

The Council of Elders

The council of Elders shall comprise of the Students’ Affairs Officer and two (2) senior members of staff.

The Council of Elders shall

  • Act as advisors to the SRC.

  • Resolve conflicts among members of the SRC



 cropped-cropped-JASICO11.png ELECTION

  • With the exception of the College President, Vice President, Secretary and Assistant, Welfare Officer, Deputy Vice President and Dining Hall Prefect, all other members of the executive council thus; , Organizer and Assistant and Whip and Assistant shall be elected by the members of S.R.C.

  • The Secretary Elect must win ⅔ of the votes of the electorate/members of the council.

  • With the exception of the secretary, all other positions require a simple majority to be elected into office.

  • With the exception of the observers, all members have the right to vote.

  • The nominated candidates are required to give an oral manifesto.

  • The Secretary, Organizer and whip must be second year students.


cropped-cropped-JASICO11.png TTAG OFFICIAL

  • All TTAG officials, both sector and National are automatic members of S.R.C. and mandated to participate in all activities of the house.

  • With reference to article 4, section A, sub-section VI, the observers shall comprise of one (1) selected member of each club in the college and the press corps.


  1. A. To facilitate the work of the S.R.C. the executive shall have the power to appoint ad-hoc committees to investigate and report to the council on all acts of students which are considered to be prejudicial injurious or detrimental to the reputation of the S.R.C.

  • The S.R.C. may set up committees as and when it deems it fit.

  • Such Committees shall be obliged to report back to S.R.C.

  • The Chairman of S.R.C. has the right to select/nominate a member of a committee.


A: Executive Meeting

  • There shall be one Executive meeting in a month;

  • Emergency meetings of the executive shall however be convened as and when necessary.

  • Two-thirds (⅔) of the Executive shall form the quorum.


B:  General Assembly Meeting

  • There shall be at least one general meeting of the SRC and the entire student body in a semester.

  • Unless otherwise stated quorum for general meetings shall be fifty percent (50%) of the membership including the Chairman.



  1. The house shall generate its own income through semester dues which is adjustable with time.

  2. The house may device any other means of generating income when the need arises.

  • The financial accounts of the house shall be read at the end of the academic year prior to the handing over ceremony


Signatories to the SRC account shall comprise of;

  • The Students’ Affairs Officer

  • The SRC President

  • the Welfare and

  • A female leader to be appointed by the Students’ Affairs Officer in consultation with the Principal if a lady is not the Deputy Prefect or the Assistant Deputy.


Audit of SRC Account

The SRC shall present to the Principal through the Students’ Affairs Officer, an annual statement of its income and expenditure signed by the Treasurer, President and Secretary by July 31 each year. The account shall be audited as directed by the Principal and displayed on the students’ notice board.



  • All cases of indiscipline shall be referred to the executive council for action

  • Any member of the house who absents himself/herself from official meeting without permission will be sanctioned on directive from the executive council.

  • Appropriate measures/punishment shall be given / meted to the offender in conformity to the offence committed.

  • Continual absenteeism may lead a member to a total dismissal.

  • Any member of the house who comes to meeting late shall be made to pay an amount of 20Gp adjustable with time, however, total absenteeism without permission will attract an amount of 50Gp also adjustable with time.

  • Any punishment pronounced by the council shall be approved by the Chairman of the S.R.C.

  • once the house is seated for proceeding, no member shall leave without the permission of the Whip.



cropped-cropped-JASICO11.pngS.R.C. President (Senior Prefect)

  • Presides over all S.R.C. meetings

  • He/she is the chief spokesman at S.R.C. meeting

  • He/she represents the S.R.C. at external meeting

  • He/she can call and postpone meeting at anytime

  • He/she is a signatory to the S.R.C. bank account

  • He/she has a veto in all decisions taken at all meetings and every discussion of the house. But the veto could be over-ruled by a ⅔ majority.

  • All other prefects are responsible to the SRC President and he/she shall act as a link between the students and/or the tutors or administration.

  • He/she shall ensure that the students are present at all approved gathering assembly.

  • He/she shall convene S R C meeting to advice prefects who are not up and doing.

  • He/she shall charge prefects to enforce discipline at all college gatherings.

  • He/she must have sound knowledge of all the regulations of the college and to correct the students for any laxity in discipline.

  • He/she must be tolerant, humble and listen to his tutors for advice.

  • He/she shall ensure that stubborn and disrespectful students are disciplined.

  • He/she must however discourage punishments which are not justified and do not commensurate to the offence.

  • He/she shall not try to handle cases above him. For example, suspension cases must be reported to the Students’ Affairs Officer for action.

  • The College prefect serves on the disciplinary committee of the college.

  • The S.R C President is expected to take decisions which will promote the welfare of the college.


cropped-cropped-JASICO11.pngThe Vice President

  • He/she acts as the chairman in the absence of S.R.C. chairman

  • He/she is in charge of discipline in the college

  • Shall select the prefects on duty on consultation with the College prefect and making it known to them on the first day of the week. (i.e. Sunday).

  • Shall ensure that prefects on duty do their work efficiently.

  • Shall deal with students who may disobey the prefects on duty or college prefects.

  • Shall referred cases above him/her to the senior prefect for punishment and action.

  • Shall be in charge of discipline among students at all levels and college gathering.

  • Shall introduce the College President when he/she wants to address the student body.

  • Shall live beyond reproach in order to win the respect of all students.

  • Shall check indiscipline among both women and men at all times.

  • Shall undertake any duty assign him/her by the President.

  • Shall discourage disobedience and disrespectful act among students by punishing any student who commits any offence.

  • Shall make sure that all students leave their dormitories for assembly or classes on time.

  • Shall report cases pertaining to breaking college rules and regulation to the appropriate senior staff.

  • Shall ensure that all notices are approved and available for the students.

  • Shall serve on the college disciplinary committee and chair the S R C disciplinary committee.

  • Shall team up with other core prefects to monitor the attitude of the entire student population towards academic work.

  • He/she must be in constant touch with the Vice Principal for the supply of educational materials.

  • Registers and other relevant class attendance materials must be sent to Vice Principal on every Friday after classes and collect same on Monday morning by the Deputy Senior Prefect.


The S R C General Secretary.

  • Shall write all correspondence of the S R C.

  • Shall receive and direct all correspondence of the S R C.

  • Shall write minutes at both executive and general meeting.

  • Shall organized and summon meetings by collaborating with the president.

  • Shall be responsible for all S R C publicity.

  • Shall keep proper and accurate records of the S R C activities.

  • Shall assist in collecting S R C DUES and levies and banking the money.

  • Shall be the custodian of all S R C documents.

  • Sees to proper documentation of S.R.C. records

  • Must attend all meeting on behalf of the S.R.C.

  • Can represent the chairman at external meeting

  • Must prepare a report from S.R.C. meeting to the administration a day

  • after the meeting

  • Must in collaboration with the chairman prepare report from the college

  • at TTAG meeting both General and Congress

Dining Hall Prefect (DO)

  • Shall act in the absence of the Deputy vice chairman

  • Shall can also be the mc.

  • Shall ensure that there is absolute peace in the dining hall.

  • Shall first check that meals on each table is set.

  • shall encourage punctuality to the dining hall for meals.

  • Shall charge the table heads to maintain order in the dining hall.

  • Shall keep up and down movements in the hall under control.

  • shall address the student body when there is indiscipline in the hall.

  • Shall keep students’ tension under control should they show their disapproval for a particular meal.

  • Shall be present during meals and at where he can be easily located.

  • Shall discourage sending of food out of the dining hall.

  • Shall make sure students are in their proper attire during meals.

  • Shall ensure that all students get their meals.

  • Shall report cases of gross indiscipline to the College prefect or the weekly tutors.

  • Shall allow only written announcements in the hall.

SRC Welfare Officer

  • He/she acts in the absence of the Dining hall prefect

  • Sees to the welfare of the members during meeting

  • Works with the S.R.C. organizer

  • He/she is a signatory to the S.R.C. bank account

  • Prepares and distributes statements of account to members prior to handing over

  • (preferably a week)

  • Renders statement of account at the end of the academic year

  • He is an automatic Financial secretary and his or her everyday expenses must first

  • meet the approval of the S.R.C.

  • Shall serve on the disciplinary committee, which comprises the Students’ Affairs Officer, the house parents, the class adviser of the offenders, the SRC President, the Deputy and under the Chairmanship of the Vice Principal.

  • Shall see to it that students are treated fairly.

  • Shall receive complaints of maltreatment or unfair treatment among students and help the affected or aggrieved students to seek redress through the appropriate channel.

  • Shall not handle house cases which could have been resolved by the house master or mistress.

  • Shall report students’ complaint which he cannot handle to the Senior Prefect, who may accompany him or her to the master on duty for settlement.

  • He/she shall act as adviser to students and counsel students against bad habits such as drunkenness, stealing, disrespect for authorities and colleagues, dodging of classes, trading with fellow students, breaking of bounds and other vices.

  • Shall play a leading role in supervising S.R C Projects.

  • Shall record all financial transactions and give accurate report to the S R C.

  • Shall assist in collecting S R C DUES and levies and banking the money.

Entertainment Prefect

  • Shall chair S R C entertainment committee.

  • Shall make sure that all students put on prescribed attire during entertainment.

  • Shall liaised with the PODs to supervise students to arrange the hall before the time for entertainment is due.

  • Shall make sure all students are gathered for entertainment.

  • Shall conduct roll call occasionally to ensure that all students are present.

  • shall discourage profane statements or derogatory remarks during entertainment.

  • shall report stubborn students to the appropriate officer for action.

  • Shall consult the entertainment master for any development about the programmes for necessary correction.

  • Shall ensure that the entertainment programmes start at 7.00pm and ends at 9.30pm.

  • Shall submit the entertainment Programme to the tutor in charge for vetting and presentation to staff.

  • shall remind tutors of the entertainment program and invite them every Saturday.



Sports Prefect

  1. Must take instructions from sports master.

  2. The sports prefects are charged with the responsibility of taking students for jogging

  3. They will assist the sports master to train the athletes.

  4. They must act as leaders, giving encouragement to the sports men; they must display sportsmanship even in the face of defeat.

  5. They must check indiscipline and report any serious cases to the sports master for action.

  6. To co-ordinate between the house sports prefects.

  7. The senior most acts as the secretary to the sports committee. This responsibility could, however be delegated to any other junior one


Health Prefect

  • Must see to the general sanitation of the compound.

  • Must inspect all plots each morning.

  • Must see to it that bathrooms and toilets are scrubbed at least once a week.

  • Must give first aid.

  • Must accompany sportsmen as the first aid officer.

  • Must see to it that the college dispensary is kept neat and clean.

  • Should ensure the necessary first aid drugs are available, through the master responsible for health.

  • Must be in the know when students are admitted to Hospital.


Prefects On Duty (P.O.D.)

  • The prefects on duty have to play supervisory role each week.

  • They must maintain order at all College gatherings.

  • They must check lateness, absenteeism and noise making at all College gathering.

  • They must also ensure that students are in their correct attire.

  • Announcements will be made by the general P.O. D or any of the P.O.Ds.

  • The announcement must be written in the notebook provided for it.

  • Punishments must merit the offence.

  • O.D will work under the prefects’ respective core prefects.

  • Stubborn students should be reported to the master on duty for punishment by the P.O.D.


House Prefects

  • All house prefects should ensure there is discipline among their house members.

  • They should discourage house members from going to cause trouble in other houses.

  • They should ensure that the cubicles and the surroundings are kept neat always; and beds properly laid.

  • They should send back any student who fails to sweep his/her plot to do so before going to class.

  • They should check the roll from time to time.

  • They should report students who may not be in bed at night to the House master or Mistress.

  • They should make sure students leave the dormitories for College gathering on time.

  • They should lead their houses to compete healthily with others.

  • They should be concerned with the welfare of their house members. They should be approachable.

  • They are to ensure that there is discipline in their houses.

  • Serious cases of indiscipline must be reported to the housemaster/mistress.



Cubicle Monitors

  • Cubicle monitors must bring to the notice of the house captain, students who would travel and would not come back on time.

  • Cubicle keys should always be with the cubicle monitor during contact hours and they must be fair and firm. They must help the house captains in collection of beds in the house.

  • Cubicle monitors must ensure that every student obeys the rising bell and observes lights out in the house.

  • They must make sure that every student observes siesta for 45 minutes after classes from 2.30pm to 3.25pm.

  • They must work hand in hand with the class captains to maintain peace and order in the house.

  • They must work together with the captains to check those who leave their classrooms to sleep during contact hours.

  • If any student is sick and needs rest, cubicle monitors must ensure that the person seeks permission from the housemaster/house mistress before allowing him/her to go and sleep or rest.

  • They must see to it that, every student attends college gatherings.

  • They must insist on neatness and dressing of beds with white bed sheets



  • Shall see to disciplinary issues in the college

  • The runner-up of the A.S.P shall be the chairman for this committee

  • The chairman in collaboration with the core prefects shall elect other member of the committee

  • Any case to be tried shall first be known to the S.R.C. chairman and other core prefects.

  • The A.S.P must be among the panel of the D.C.

  • Members must be highly disciplined students.

  • Must be fair and firm in their dealings.

  • Must report cases tried to the S.R.C. Chairman/Core prefects.


The Constitutional Council

The constitutional Council of the SRC shall comprise of;

  • The Vice President as the Chairman of the Council

  • ALL Class representatives.

Functions of the Constitutional Council

The Constitutional Council Shall:

  • Receive all suggestions in relation to amendments of the constitution and deliberate on it

  • Submit all proposals of amendments to the Executive Council and the SRC Secretariat

  • Perform all function relating to the drafting, copying and printing of the constitution.


The Health Committee


  • Students’ Affairs Officer (Chairman)

  • The College Sports Master

  • Student Infirmarians


Subject to the directions of Management,

supervise and direct the operations of the infirmary and such other matters relating to health of students and other matters delegated to it.

The Library Committee


  • Vice Principal (Chairman)

  • Representatives of Departments,

  • Librarian, and

  • Elected representatives of the SRC



Subject to the directions of the Academic Board, to supervise and direct the operations of the Library and such other matters as may be delegated to it.

The Disciplinary Committee

  • College Secretary (Chairman)

  • Students’ Affairs Officer,

  • Two senior Members of staff,

  • SRC President and Vice President


Subject to the directions of the Principal, ensure that students refrain from any actions likely to cause embarrassment to the College and/or impinge on the rights of other members of the College community.

Shall handle all cases of breach of discipline, punishment may involve fines, suspension or dismissal.


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