Students Affairs

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Students’ Affairs Officer

The Students’ Affairs Officer is accountable and responsible to the Principal for the overall supervision of students in the college. Heshe is also responsible for signing all external exeats on behalf of the Principal of the College. Leaving the campus without permission carries a two-week internal suspension.


Hall Wardens

The Hall wardens or residence hall masters are responsible for the discipline and welfare of students in their respective halls. They are also responsible for granting internal exeats to students’ in their respective halls of residence. They are therefore to make themselves available for consultation in any matter the students consider important for their welfare. The Hall warden reports to the Students’ Affairs Officer.

Hall Accounts

Each Hall shall open an Account with GCB Bank in town in the name of the Hall. The Hall Wardens shall collect all dues and any levies approved by the Principal. All contributions by members and other monies as may be derived from any venture undertaken by the Hall shall be paid into the Accounts within 48 hours of receipt.  The signatories to the Account shall be the, Hall President, the financial secretary and the Hall Warden.



Facilities On Campus

The College has the following facilities available to staff and students to facilitate access to information in a serene environment for achieving their spiritual and academic ambitions;

  • Library

  • Administration block

  • Computer laboratory

  • Science laboratory

  • 3 Fully Mechanised Bore holes to supply water 24/7

  • Guidance and Counselling room

  • Dining hall

  • Poultry Farm

  • Piggery

  • Palm Plantation

  • Assembly hall

  • Alumni Office

  • Resource Centre

  • Market

  • Staff Common Room

  • Lecture Halls

  • Halls of Residence

  • Photocopy Shops

  • SRC Secretariat

  • Playing field

  • Sachet Water Factory

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